Friday, June 29, 2012

Banana and Lime

Bananas are a bit controversial. Some love em, some tolerate them, others have what you could call a phobia of bananas. 

Well, I used to hate them. I played competetive tennis in middle and high school, so my Daddy made me eat them (they are a tennis player's staple). Eventually I accepted the fact that I needed to eat something unpleasant in order to provide my body with good energy so I could win lots of matches ;) But there was only one way that I actually enjoyed eating the banana: 

Sprinkled with lime juice. 

That's right. You can hardly call this a recipe. The only ingredients are banana and lime. But let me tell you, this meal taught me to like bananas. Now I love them- and even though I can now eat them in other ways (with peanut butter, alone, etc.) this is still my favorite way to have bananas. 
My point is, even if you don't like bananas, take a risk and give this recipe a try. 

These make a wonderful breakfast, snack or even a healthy dessert!


1 banana
1 or 2 slices of fresh lime (you can use bottled lime juice if you are all out of limes, but this doesn't taste nearly as good as the real stuff)


Cut the banana into thin slices in a small bowl. Squeeze as much lime juice over them as you wish- I like a lot. There you are! Enjoy this quick and yummy breakfast!

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